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4 Components Needed to Get RESULTS in a Fat Loss Program: Part 3

In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, we’ve been discussing the ESSENTIAL components of a successful fat loss program over the last few weeks. We’re doing this because at some point, most people will embark on some type of fat loss endeavor. In order for that effort to have a positive outcome, there are some key elements that must be addressed and implemented. Instead of you having to research that on your own (or worse, try out a program that isn’t complete and waste your time), we’re putting together for you. Week by week, piece by piece.

Here is the 3rd component of a well-designed Fat Loss Program.

Each time I begin writing these, I think “ah, THIS is the most important of them all”. This proves just how essential each of these pieces are in grand scheme of the fat loss journey.

Today we’re talking about the component that deals with the intangible struggles that everyone will face during a fat loss cycle, to some degree. This is the necessity of SUPPORT.

Having support is often misunderstood. To some, needing or wanting support is perceived as a weakness. This goes for any goal you’re working towards (both fitness related and non) and it tends to prevent people from wanting or accepting said support. In fact, having a support system is an extremely crucial part of any long-term (or short-term) goal.

To think that any one of us is 100% capable of being 100% on-point with every aspect of our lives is nonsense.

We all need help and it’s not a bad thing! In fact, the people who are open to, accepting, and utilizing their support systems see FAR greater success and results than those who try to go at it alone. Again, this is true in both fitness/health goals and any other goals you may embark on in your life.

For example, do you think Steve Jobs and Apple became the company that they did because Steve Jobs did it all by himself and didn’t ask for or rely on help? No way! In fact, Steve Jobs was smart in that he wanted the SMARTEST people working with him.

This same principle can be said for a fat loss goal.

If you surround yourself with a team of support that has the tools to help you towards your goal, you’re far more likely to come out of that program with stellar results.

Now that we’ve determined that having support is, in fact, an EXCELLENT idea, let’s talk about the resources you have and what you can do to ensure your support system is rock solid.


Your family and friends can be some of the GREATEST supporters of your goals. They can also be your worst enemies. In a positive situation, you can rely on friends and family to help you in the following ways: encouraging you, being an ear when you’re struggling, joining you for workouts, allowing you to choose your meals/restaurants so you can stay on plan, and being proud of you for CRUSHING your goals!

Unfortunately, many people can also become jealous or not understanding when someone close to them decides to make a change. Humans, almost inherently, do NOT like change. In any capacity. (It’s actually what stops many of us from trying to reach our goals in the first place, but that’s a whole other blog for another day.) So oftentimes when a friend or family member sees someone they care about trying to do something different, it can invoke anger, jealousy, or resentment.

As if trying to change your body wasn’t hard enough, these people tend to increase the difficulty by placing both actual and metaphorical road blocks in your way.

Sometimes it is intentional, but most often, they don’t even realize it.

For example: You go out to eat with a friend/spouse/etc and decide to order a healthy meal. The person you’re with orders their usual meal, which happens to be pretty calorically dense and, from a nutritional standpoint, will surely throw off your day. You’re fine with your choice because you’ve got GOALS BABY! But this person starts encouraging you to have some french fries. “A few won’t hurt you” “You’re so lame!” “Wow, who are you?!” “Ugh, you’re NO FUN”. These are just a few of the phrases you might hear. And when you continue to decline? They may become annoyed or angry. The intensity of their comments increases and it can be extremely difficult to deal with.

How to Deal: When something like this happens, you have to remember that you are doing this for YOU, not that other person. The other person should respect that you’ve decided to do something for yourself and you may need to remind them of that. Let them know that having their support would be very helpful and that you are happy to enjoy time with them, regardless of what you’re eating. Remember, WHAT you are eating with someone does not have to disrupt the TIME spent with someone.


Having a coach in your corner is one of the best pieces of advice I can ever give someone. I, myself, have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and I STILL have a coach. Coaches have coaches too! The reason for this is that a coach will always be able to see what you can’t see.

Looking at yourself, your emotions can influence what you THINK you’re seeing and/or feeling.

For example, on your own, you might look in the mirror and decide that your body hasn’t changed and, in fact, you’ve SURELY gained weight! In reality, you’re in a bad mood, the lighting is weird, you ate a meal that was higher in sodium the night before and are retaining some water weight, and combined, you’re seeing a figure that your mind wants to see at that moment. Your coach is able to look at your progress from a 4-point view: they can look at the data (weight, measurements, progress photos), your performance in your workouts, your adherence to nutrition, and address sleep and stress issues.

No matter what, your coach will be able to take an objective view of your progress, whereas we are not able to do that on our own.

If you don’t believe me, think about this: we’ve all had a friend try on an outfit and exclaim “i look awful and fat!”. You’re standing there looking at this friend wondering what they’re looking at, because you think they look great! This is the same principle. We see ourselves differently than others see us, and having a coach who is educated and can not only see what you don’t see, but know how to address and handle what you’re not seeing is invaluable.


In addition to having your friends, family, and coaches in your corner, there is a whole community out there who is trying to do EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Being able to share in the successes, struggles, confusion, soreness (LOL), and just plain life events is such a great way to connect with others.

You make new friends (and they’re usually friends who won’t treat you like the Negative Nancy I mentioned in the first bullet), you get to vent, listen, and offer support to each other, and you never EVER feel alone. This happens in the gym, in classes, and even online in private groups or message boards. It’s the exact reason we started the IRON Inner Circle Private Facebook Group. We allow both members and non-members into this group, as long as they live in the Santa Monica/Brentwood area. We want to help you connect with others who are like-minded and have similar goals because we understand how HUGE that type of support and community is for your success.

Useful tools/guides/readings

Believe it or not, but the very tools we use to measure progress are also a form of support. They are the voice of reason for those days mentioned where you *think* you’re seeing something that may not be accurate. You feel “fluffy”, yet your measurements show you’ve lost inches off of your waist. Weight, measurements, the In-Body Body Fat Scale, and progress pictures are all supportive tools for your journey. It’s important to remember that these are TOOLS, though. For example, you may see an increase in weight, but a decrease in measurements. This doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. It may just mean that you’re getting smaller physically, but that you may be holding water, gaining muscle, etc. In addition, your weight could be down and your measurements may not have changed. This could mean that you’ve lost water weight and that your body hasn’t yet started to drop fat. This could ALSO mean that you’re building muscle and so you’ve lost fat, but since you’ve added muscle, your measurements haven’t changed. So these tools must be used as just that: TOOLS.

If you’re following the program (assuming it’s a well-rounded fat loss program, encompassing all 4 components) and your coaches are monitoring you, it’s nothing to worry about.

Body composition changes are NOT linear and often times don’t make sense. They DO work, though, it just takes trust in the process and patience.

In addition to your tools, guides and reading materials that keep you in a good head space are also a good form of support. This could mean reading inspirational books, watching videos that motivate you, or keeping healthy eating or workout guides on hand to keep you from having to do too much work to make sure you get a healthy meal or workout in. The less friction there is, the easier this will be.

Now that we’ve discussed how SUPPORT is going to keep your goals on track, you can see why it’s such an important part of this! We encourage you to make sure that any fat loss program you begin has an excellent support system in place to ensure that if you’re struggling, you’ve got people and strategies in place to keep you going.

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Stay tuned for next week’s final blog post of this series. Component #4! Any guesses??



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