5 Steps To Soft-Tissue Therapy Results

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Have you tried soft-tissue therapy and failed to get any results?  Maybe you did get some improvement initially, but it didn’t last.  Ever wonder why?

Getting results with hands-on therapy is more than just doing massage work.  Without going through the steps below, you are bound to get less than ideal results. It helps to think about not only where there is discomfort or pain, or certain movements that ‘wake it up’, but also tools or techniques that help make you feel more comfortable, and what the root cause of this ailment is.

A neuromuscular therapist can help assess your posture, range of motion in joints, and how you move, to help you better understand any precluded issues that may be aggravating your discomfort. Once you become better educated on where the root cause lies, it will help you have an engaged understanding of corrective treatment and exercise, so you can implement changes in the long-term and with lasting success. The steps below illustrate the process a bit more.

Step 1: Soft-Tissue Therapy Assessment

If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

A proper and thorough assessment is the key to getting results faster with soft-tissue therapy.  The length of this process is determined by the type of issue that is being addressed, but includes the following things:

  • History:  We need to know how long this issue has been going on, when it started, what type of medical help and any therapies you have tried or are currently doing.
  • What hurts:  Squatting?  Bench Pressing?  Getting up in the morning?  Knowing what increases the pain helps to identify which tissues may be involved, and where modifications to your exercise program may need to be made.
  • What makes you feel better:  If something decreases your pain, we want to know!  This can provide clues as to what additional tools or techniques may help get faster results.
  • Posture, Range of Motion, and Movement Assessment:  Based on the above, we can quickly identify the information we want, and pick the right tests.

Step 2: Identify the Pattern

There are patterns of posture and muscle imbalances that are common in most people, but there are also very unique patterns that exist in your body based on a number of different causes such as car accidents, athletic injuries, etc.

Identifying the patterns you have allows us to create a “blueprint” of what needs to be addressed in your soft-tissue program.

Step 3: Education

Research shows understanding whats happening with your body and the nature of pain is therapeutic all by itself!   This can allow you to become aware of things that can trigger pain in your environment, such as sitting or standing positions, bending and lifting techniques, or any exercises which may be stressing your body.  Becoming educated and aware helps to reduce anxiety and stress about your pain and can be a major help in getting results.

Step 4: Break the Pattern

Now that we’ve gone through the above steps its time to get to business!  Based on your needs, we use a combination of specific massage and neuromuscular techniques to release important trigger points, improve blood flow, and normalize muscle tension.

Step 5: Follow Up Re-Patterning

Have you ever been to a health practitioner, got some relief, but it didn’t last?  Most often it doesn’t, because your body needs to learn a new pattern to replace the old one.  This takes re-education exercises or movements to restore normal balance to your body and prevent the old pattern from returning!

There you have it! These are the 5 steps that are essential to a successful, lasting, soft-tissue therapy program. As you may see from reading this article, it is greatly helpful for you to be involved in the education around the ailment you suffer from, to be fully aware of the issues surrounding the pain with the help from a therapist, and to thoughtfully implement the re-patterning exercises consistently.

It’s much more than a therapist “solving” the issue for you in a single therapy session, isn’t it? This is a common misconception. With dedication, a positive mindset, and guidance from an experienced neuromuscular therapist, many aches and pains can be alleviated for good!

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