6 Reasons Why You Need Boxing Fitness In Your Life

If you’ve lived in the LA area for a while, you’ve probably seen that boxing classes have become a particularly popular fitness class! (We do like to pride ourselves in the fact that we were one of the FIRST ones on the westside. :))

The rise in boxing as a way to exercise (and not just prepare for a fight) comes from the incredible results and benefits that come directly from this style of training. Before I get into the specifics of what boxing classes can provide for you, I’m going to discuss why IRON Boxing is so different and debunk a few misconceptions that are often presumed about boxing classes in general.

  1. The IRON Boxing program is run by professional boxer and super heavyweight contender, Courage Tshabalala. Courage was not only a professional boxer, but has also taught hundreds of fighters from all over the world to be at the top of their game. In addition, all of our IRON Boxing instructors learned these professional methods that led Courage and all of his fighters to success over the years.
  2. IRON Boxing is a NON-CONTACT class. Many people are under the assumption that you will be punching (and getting punched) during classes. This could not be further from the truth. In our classes, you can expect to hit the mitts with our trained coaches, hit the heavy bags with instruction, and do conditioning exercises. No contact with other people!
  3. IRON Boxing classes are well-rounded, and will always keep you on your toes! You’ll never get bored in an IRON Boxing class. We run on a clock and you’ll perform 3 minute rounds as you move through each unique station that will require you to train in a different way. You might be hitting the mitts in one round, and doing squats in the next. The exercises are changed up daily and you’ll find few things as fun as hitting the mitts with a coach! (Seriously, it’s INVIGORATING)
  4. IRON Boxing classes are for ANYONE. Whether you’re not sure which glove goes on which hand OR you’ve been training as a boxer for years, our classes are for YOU. Our instructors will teach you technique or help you improve your technique, depending on your skill level. If you’re a seasoned boxing class participant, you can expect the coach to challenge you even more. If you’re brand new to boxing, our instructors will take the time to make sure you know what you’re doing and will help you work on anything you’re not totally comfortable with.

Okay, now that you know a bit more about our specialized program, let’s get into the incredible benefits you can expect from boxing. Whether you take 2 classes a week or 5 classes a week, the results will be evident and tangible. You’ll be feeling better, looking better, and getting stronger in just a few sessions.

The Benefits of Boxing Classes

 1. Increased cardiovascular endurance.

Because boxing classes keep you moving throughout the class, your heart rate will stay elevated for most (if not all) of the hour. Over time, you’ll find that you can get through a class much easier and will need less and less breaks. This also transfers into other activities you partake in including running, lifting weights, biking, hiking, and even every day activities that may have challenged you in the past!

 2. Increased muscular strength.

The conditioning exercises you do coupled with learning proper technique and performing boxing moves will increase your strength over time. You’ll start noticing your arms, shoulders, abs, and legs “suddenly” have more definition and you’ll find that you can move heavier weights with more ease.

 3. Decreased STRESS.

This is a big one. Who in Los Angeles isn’t stressed? If you deal with stress, aggression, anxiety, and even depression, hitting the mitts and heavy bags could be very therapeutic for you. We’ve had several people tell us that boxing saved their life, and not just because they lost weight or lowered their cholesterol, but because they started becoming happier, less stressed people.

 4. Increased metabolic rate.

Due to the nature of IRON boxing classes, your heart rate will naturally increase and decrease during the higher and lower intensity portions of the class. This causes your metabolism to run at a higher rate for up to 8 hours after the class. This means you’re not only burning calories DURING class, but you’ll be burning them well after class ends as well.

 5. Better balance, coordination, and concentration.

Boxing requires you to concentrate on the target you’re hitting, it requires you to coordinate your feet with your hands in order to stay light on your feet while delivering punches, and requires balance as you are constantly shifting weight throughout your body.

 6. Nobody will mess with you.

Show them one Instragram video of you hitting the mitts and I guarantee nobody will start anything with you. And ladies? While we hope you NEVER run into a situation where you’ll need to use them, these skills can be very handy in the event that you run into trouble and need to defend yourself.

If you’ve never tried a boxing class before, your first one is FREE. If you’d rather try boxing in a smaller setting, we also offer both small group boxing classes (3-4 people) and private 1-on-1 boxing sessions. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, feel free to reach out and we can help you decide. PLUS, if you like challenges and winning FREE things, see below.



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