Glute Bridge Description

The glute bridge is one of the top exercises for strengthening the glutes and hamstrings.  The bodyweight version is an excellent starting point, and we use it both during our warm up drills as well as for the

You’ll find that there are a number of ways to move your body,  but when it comes down to being efficient and using your time wisely, the full body workout is the ticket. The number one factor that keeps people out of the gym is TIME. Most of us

What to know what the BEST lower body exercises are? Whether your goal is to lose fat, build lean muscle tissue, or just building a strong and stable body, training your legs is essential! While core training is important, we have to be able to connect the core to the

Functional Training Santa Monica

Buzz…Buzz…did you hear that? Its every social media channel and every gym in America touting “functional training”. Its the buzzword of 2015 continuing to live on in 2016 and EVERYONE thinks they’re an expert at it AND its defined differently by kettlebell users, Crossfit coaches, and personal trainers. Let’s stop for

Fat Loss Inbody

The weight loss arena is confusing for a variety of reasons.  The space is fraught with outright lies, misinformation, or information overload.  Where does one turn to when looking to create change to their health and physique, or more specifically, for fat loss? Try this on for size… You’ve gained