Boxing Classes

high-energy, group fitness training with boxing technique!

IRON’s boxing classes, our most popular, are high-energy, group fitness training with boxing technique, full body conditioning, and fat-burning intensity in mind!

Designed as a two-for-one cardio and strength workout, the class is filled with high intensity intervals to increase metabolic rates, by using maximum effort bursts with intermittent active recovery periods, the coaches teach boxing bag and mitt-work, and incorporate a fun mix of exercises designed to burn maximum calories and increase strength, speed, power, and endurance! Our boxing classes are ideal for those who are looking to develop foundational boxing skills such as footwork, fighting stance, and punch combinations, while getting in shape!

Coaches incorporate strength training exercises that focus on the lower body using squats and lunges, core integrity, upper body including arms and shoulders, and plyometric exercises for explosive power. You’ll also learn how to properly wrap your hands so you don’t get injured, and you’ll learn proper punching technique, using your whole body to maximize power and move efficiently for endurance, as the pros do! Safety comes first! There is no getting hit in our classes as attendees are here to learn for fitness not for fighting!

Classes are offered weekday mornings, lunch hours, and evenings and Saturday mornings.