Trainer Bio


IRON Personal Trainer Brandon Villalobos

“One doesn’t need meat to gain muscle mass!”

Name: Brandon Villalobos
Hometown: Mandeville Louisiana
Nickname: B-dog
Favorite quote: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. My father in law, Dr. John J. Murphy
3 adjectives that describe you: Super friendly, likeable, motivating
How did you end up becoming a trainer/class instructor?: I played a little bit of football, in high school. The twist to the story, is that I didn’t really like playing football, I really liked working out in the weight room!
Describe your class style: Motivating, but not going to make you throw up, motivating!
Describe your teaching/training style/philosophy: Educating! I really enjoy teaching people about their own body!
3 most important things when it comes to training: Consistency, goals, drive.
What sports or athletic endeavors you had as a youth: Baseball, football, powerlifting.
Most challenging lift/exercise or sport: Due to lower back pain, I cannot do barbell squats. I wish I could, but there are plenty of other leg exercises out there.
Hobbies outside of the gym: Camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling.
Favorite food: I’d have to go with sushi. The mere mention of the word, gives me a craving!
Dream vacation: I’d love to take a vacation and climb Mt. Everest, but too many people have done it now, so I’ll stick with the moon.
Theme song: ‘I wish’ by Stevie Wonder. I don’t know if it’s a theme song, as much as it is one of my absolute favorite songs! It’s perfection!
What does it mean to you to have ideal fitness?: Being able to touch my toes, have no back pain, and be able to bench press over 250lbs.
What do you love most about IRON?: The friends I’ve made, and the community that only smaller gyms offer.
Instagram: @finnstagramit (it’s my dogs)
Certifications and education: BS in kinesiology, CSCS, FMSC