Trainer Bio


IRON Personal Trainer Courage Tshabalala

“I’ve always got one more round!”

Name: Courage
Hometown: Johannesburg, S. Africa
Favorite quote: “Life expands and contracts according to one’s courage.” –A. Nin
3 adjectives that describe you: Open-minded, positive, honest
How did you end up becoming a trainer/class instructor?: Through boxing. I’m a professional fighter, and once in the game always in the life!
Describe your class style: High energy, all about the technique
Describe your teaching/training style/philosophy: Can’t doesn’t exist!
3 most important things when it comes to training: Focus, effort, patience
What sports or athletic endeavors you had in your youth: Rugby
Most challenging lift/exercise or sport: Lunges
Hobbies outside of the gym: Writing, reading
Favorite food: Oxtail, cabbage, and pap
Dream vacation: Hawaii
Theme song: I’ve got the power by Snap
What does it mean to you to have ideal fitness?: Ideal fitness means I’m able to do whatever I want to do. It’s an all around accomplishment.
What do you love most about IRON?: The atmosphere. My colleagues. My clients. The relationships.
Instagram: @courage71
Titles: Pro Boxer (26W, 4L, 22KO), Former S. African National Champion Boxer, Springbok Captain