Trainer Bio


IRON Neuromuscular Therapist Diana Szekely.

“Get out of your own way and make possible anything you want!”

Name: Diana Szekely
Hometown: West Hollywood
Nickname: Dee
Favorite quote: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll
3 adjectives that describe you: Warm, friendly ,enthusiastic about health
How did you end up becoming a neuromuscular therapist?: After suffering knee pain for 7 years from a fun aggressive bootcamp years ago I thought my life was going to be on and off with this issue. I saw a physical therapist and had mild success and kept trying my best. Years later I became came a certified personal trainer worked on conditioning my body and still found limited progress in my knee. during my time training at Equinox I enlisted the help of a equinox trainer versed in neuromuscular therapy, she was able to alleviate my pain in 2 sessions at that point I had to do everything in my power to attain this skill so the numerous people with similar nagging pain in there ankle shoulder back can finally get permanent relief like I did.
Describe your therapy philosophy: Do your research , be proactive, reach out to professionals to set up your knowledge base for your concerns and rely on your sense of self for daily practice in self-care while also acknowledging there is need for maintenance therapy to keep you going at your best.
3 most important things when it comes to wellness: Taking care of your self out of self respect , discipline and love
Hobbies outside of the gym: Landmark. Volunteering at Girl Project LA to bring health and fitness to underserved communities.
Favorite food: burgers and sushi
Dream vacation: getting to every tropical location around the world.
Theme song: Dream On by Aerosmith
What does it mean to you to have ideal wellness?: A balanced approach to cardio strength and stretching and food.