Trainer Bio


IRON Personal Trainer Ivan Castaneda

“No should’ve, would’ve, could’ve!”

Name: Ivan
Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Nickname: Ivan the Terrible
Favorite quote: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” – Zapata
3 adjectives that describe you: Patient, reserved, self-confident
How did you end up becoming a trainer/class instructor?: I started boxing at eleven years old, and when my manager found out that I was homeless, he brought me in under his wing and the rest is history!
Describe your class style: My classes are very technical.
What sports or athletic endeavors you had as a youth: As a kid I boxed, and played basketball, football and basketball. I played basketball in college and earned a four-year athletic scholarship.
3 most important things when it comes to training: Discipline, will, commitment
Favorite food: Pozole soup
Dream vacation: Any place where I get to spend time with my kids
Theme song: “Gangster Party” – Snoop, 2Pac
What does it mean to you to have ideal fitness?: It’s a lifestyle. It’s living. Without it, you’re six feet under.
What do you love most about IRON?: Opportunity. My colleagues.
Instagram: @bigknuckleboxing
Titles: Pro boxer (2W, 1L, 1KO)