Movement Assessment

our therapists check posture, gait, and movement from head to toe!

The IRON gym located in Santa Monica also offers neuromuscular therapy (NMT), a clinical form of massage therapy that incorporates a variety of techniques that address the muscles and nervous system together.

NMT is helpful when taking an integrated approach to optimum health and wellness, and can be used as a way to improve overall soft tissue integrity, assist in muscle recovery and eliminating muscle tightness, scar tissue and/or adhesions, and also address imbalances, immobility in joints or restricted movement, discomfort caused by poor posture or gait, or chronic pain.

In a typical NMT program, following an initial movement assessment, there is hands-on massage therapy completed by the neuromuscular therapist during an on-site therapy session, and exercise therapy -- which includes an individualized, prescribed set of recommended exercises that are completed at the gym, to ensure long-term changes are taking place to support the improvements made to the body. It’s important to note that sometimes massage therapy simply isn’t enough, and it is essential to re-educate the body on how to move, which is where these corrective exercises come into play.

The movement assessment is a way for the therapist to check posture, gait, and movement from head to toe, in order to develop a customized individual therapy program and exercise program. In particular, the therapist evaluates range of motion, flexibility, and soft tissue health. By looking at range of motion, which is how your body moves and preferential movement style, the therapy techniques, whether hands-on, using specialized tools, and/or taping, can be effectively applied.

The NMT program at IRON is carried out by licensed massage therapists who are credentialed to perform this type of bodywork.