Is Neuromuscular Therapy “Magic” For Back Pain Issues?

Back pain sucks and statistics show that over 80% of people in the US will have at least 1 major episode of it in their lifetime.  Most will recover but around 25% of people will have residual problems long after they’ve fully healed.  This is what we call chronic pain.  

Most chronic aches and pains aren’t debilitating, but do often show up in ways that can affect your life, especially as you age.  Waking up in even a small amount of pain every day becomes extremely frustrating and can even cause anxiety and depression over time.

Being in chronic pain can stop you from doing certain activities (which is especially a bummer if it’s something you love) because of the resulting pain that can come days after the activity.  Avoiding activities and movements starts leading to increased fear, which leads to more avoidance.  You become more guarded and tense as you worry about the next episode of your back “going out” again.  

It really is a vicious cycle…and its NO way to live your life.  

Fortunately, there is a solution…and we have it.

Not too long ago a client came to me for Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT).  Her story is a good illustration of problems that can be resolved, even when you think you’ve tried everything.  

Here is a direct quote from her:

“After having major back surgery at 21 years old, surgeons told me I would never be able to play basketball again or have children in the future.  Also, in a few years I would need another surgery since my back could only get worse, not better.  It was difficult to walk, sit, brush my teeth, I could barely put on a sock.  I was desperate and wanted to avoid another surgery so I tried everything, you name it!  I went to physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractors, pain management, eastern healing, nothing was sustaining until I met Sam…”

Now before we reveal what happened, I want to point out that this case is extreme, however, it shows that if NMT can help her, it’s absolutely capable of helping much less intense aches and pains.

This client was an awesome basketball player, who was extremely passionate about it.  You can imagine how absolutely crushing it was for her to be told she would never play again, and that she wouldn’t have children because of her back injuries.  When she came in to see me, I wanted to do everything I could to help her.  

She was definitely in a rough spot at the time, so we began the process with a detailed evaluation. This allowed me to pinpoint what areas needed to be addressed, and we moved forward slowly doing hands-on soft tissue therapy, as well as home exercises to strengthen the areas she needed work on.    

Here’s what she had to say after we worked together for a few months…

“…The corrective exercises he has given me have not only kept me from having horrible back episodes, but has made my entire body stronger.  Now 5 years after my surgery, I’m able to play basketball and live a normal life.”

Now, is NMT some sort of “magic”?  No. It’s a strategic form of massage therapy that targets the ROOT of your problem, not just the symptoms. However, the results you get from NMT may convince you that there is some sort of magic going on with it. After all, most people have tried many things with either temporary or no results.

What we did was a series of logical, progressive steps.  We worked together to restore her soft tissue health, movement, and fear of doing the activities she wanted to do.  Ultimately we were able to get her back to living the life she wanted.  

In the next installment of this series, I’m going to show you HOW the process works.  

In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting on our early notification list and for special offers on NMT sessions, send an email to and put “I’m in for NMT” in the subject line.

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