Personal Training

Personal Training at IRON Fitness—Find a Personal Trainer Who Can Help You Achieve All Your Fitness Goals


IRON offers one-on-one personal training for all levels and goals.

Whether you’re new to strength training, coming back to the gym after an injury, looking for weight loss guidance, currently pregnant or post-partum, or an athlete wanting to accelerate and improve performance, personal training gives you an unparalleled customized training experience and nutritional guidance for your personal goals.

All-Inclusive Training Programs that Achieve Results

You'll start with  a health and fitness assessment to evaluate your current starting point and needs, your posture and movement patterns, and strengths and relative weaknesses. Our team will ensure that you achieve results by helping you to make healthy dietary choices, manage day-to-day stress, overcome exercise plateaus, and continue progressing toward your goals . We’ll be with you at every step to help build your best  body  through an individualized program that is realistic and attainable.

When it comes to fitness we know you have particular needs and preferences.  One reason for our high client-success rate is that we turn each member’s distinct traits into a training advantage. You’ll be matched with one of our elite certified personal trainers or training groups by looking at a  personality fit, schedule, fitness level, training goals, and budget.  IRON Trainers are experts at creating specialized workouts that align with your fitness level and preferred training style as well as help you reach your mental and physical goals.  It’s a motivating and effective approach that helps you see the results you desire in the shortest possible time -- in short we know how to get you moving and eating right!

The Perks of Having a Personal Trainer

Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle tone and strength, feel confident about your body, improve your athletic performance, or simply look better naked, you may need the guidance and motivation of a certified Personal Trainer. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working out in a gym—personal training helps you stay motivated, on target and break through plateaus. st.

Experience personal training like never before at IRON Fitness. We take pride in our fully-equipped facilities and a team of highly experienced personal trainers. Personal training doesn’t get any better than how we do it in IRON Fitness. Ready to sign up or find out more about our  fitness programs and boxing classes? , Get in touch by visiting our Contact page.