It’s a cliché, but it’s true: getting in shape is easier said than done. There are plenty of individuals who are strong-willed in many other aspects of their lives, but it takes a certain special something to push yourself to the gym before work or on the weekends, when you’d much rather be sleeping, or binge-watching Stranger Things. It’s not hard for even the most ardent gym-goers to stumble and fall back into old, unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Fitness goals are so difficult to achieve because they’re never reached instantly…they require patience, and an iron will…like IRON gyms! Get it?

So, how can one avoid the pull of the almighty couch? Look no further than your cheerleader, your paragon of fitness, your personal superhero: a personal trainer from IRON. No matter how long you’ve been a gym-goer, there’s no one who wouldn’t benefit from the proper guidance provided by a personal trainer. Here are four reasons why a personal trainer is the ultimate gift to your future healthy self.

Expand Your Workout Horizons

A common reason that people slack off from their gym routine is because they keep doing the same thing all the time. It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and that’s true in many different contexts. Just as you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing for dinner every night, switching up your workout routine is a sure way to make you a gym regular. But what if you’re one of those people who are unsure about trying some new exercises, because that means going outside of your comfort zone?

Enter the personal trainer, your ambassador to new and exciting workout routines. As our trainers are fond of pointing out, to achieve well-balanced fitness, one should commit to all forms of training. We all are looking for not only strength, but endurance, balance, and overall physical stability. Those who are only concentrating on certain select body parts, and are doing the same exercises day in, day out, are likely to become bored by the repetition. Not only that, they are probably neglecting some body parts, and putting undo strain on others. Let your new friend the personal trainer guide you into new and exciting realms of physical fitness. Our trainers tell us they like nothing more than introducing new techniques to break up “workout boredom.”

Achieve Not Just Physical, But Mental and Emotional Strength

For a good personal trainer, the “personal” aspect of the job title should be just as important as the “trainer” part. For an IRON trainer, a human connection is a critical part of the job. A personal trainer is not meant to be just some drill instructor, barking orders at you. On each individual’s fitness journey, mental and emotional wellbeing go hand-in-hand with physical wellbeing. Your trainer will understand this, and to them, your fitness is not just a meaningless task, a box to be marked off on their daily checklist. They will want to get to know you, to know what makes you tick.

Fitness can be about burning fat and building muscle, but it can also be about letting go of old resentments or mental anguish, and becoming a newly-actualized version of yourself, feeling as good on the inside as you look on the outside. It is only the best personal trainers, like the ones at IRON, who will incorporate holistic training into your partnership.

Personalization: The Best Workout for You, and You Alone

No two people are the same, and it follows that no two workouts should be the same, either. We all have our strengths and weaknesses to be addressed, and we all have our unique fitness goals as well. It is actually not uncommon for people to shy away from the gym because they feel that their own situation is so unique that it is “incurable.” They feel that because of whatever is happening with them physically (or mentally, in some cases) it is a waste of time to try to improve themselves. This is a perception and an attitude that we are committed to fighting at IRON gyms. We understand that many would-be gym-goers have unique needs that must be evaluated, in trying to determine the perfect exercise regimen. Through close observation and evaluation, your personal trainer will determine exactly what works for you, and what doesn’t. We will never turn anyone away.

Find Ways to Incorporate Training into Your Lifestyle

For those who have started a workout routine, a common fear can be that they will regress to their old ways. They might feel that if they don’t keep at it, the muscles they have sculpted will start to sag, or they will start packing on those unwanted pounds again. The good news is that such circumstances can be avoided, by finding realistic ways to incorporate personal training into your lifestyle. That is perhaps where it is the most valuable to have a relationship with a personal trainer. Only a personal trainer can quantify, in words and deeds, the value of your training. This is where the cheerleader aspect of being a personal trainer comes in…your trainer can provide you with that needed jolt of enthusiasm, in those moments that you feel on the verge of backsliding into unhealthy habits. It is the goal of your personal trainer to get you to love the gym, and your workouts. They will not rest until they have achieved it.

IRON trainers, and IRON facilities, are all about forging strong bonds, as well as strong bodies. We see ourselves as a community, comprised of individuals who are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be. We love to see personal growth in our members, and that doesn’t just come in the form of shedding pounds and inches. We strive every day to create a culture of joy in our gyms, of acceptance, and of excitement for the journey. We’re all about positivity, which is why we know we’re the optimal fitness experience to be found in Santa Monica…or anywhere else in the world.

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