Cardio Kick'asanas

Get ready to sweat, kick, stretch, and flow! Our 60 minute Cardio Kick’Asanas is a fusion class that brings together weight training exercises, kickboxing, and yoga. It’s the ONLY class of it’s kind on the westside.

Class begins with yoga stretches and quick dynamic warm up movements. Once you’re warm the real fun begins; divided into 8 (3 minute) rounds, students will be constantly moving round for round through specific instructed weighted exercises and kickboxing combinations. In the midst of this, you’ll move through 10 minutes of an active yoga flow to bring you back to your breath connection, increase flexibility, and reenergize you for the second half of class!

After the second set of 4 rounds, you’ll finish class off with a slow Yin-style yoga stretch and short meditation.

The instructor will be sure to offer modifications for all areas of class, as well as open to any questions/concerns you may have. Sneakers are not required, but are optional based on your preference and safety while working with weights. Bring a yoga mat and boxing gloves (wraps are not required).

Please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up your desired weights and to inform your instructor of any injuries or conditions you may have.