Few Brentwood or Santa Monica fitness centers provide you with a top-rated boxing program, Elite Personal Training, dynamic classes and a stellar open gym all under one roof. IRON is the exception.


Why Is IRON a Preferred Fitness Center?

We’re well known for our boxing program, but it’s only the beginning of what you will find here at IRON. From results-focused personal training to group classes, world class facilities to boxing, no other fitness studio in the Westside comes close.


Personal Training

Personal Training is offered by the best in the business, and is one of the many things that sets up apart from other local health clubs. Santa Monica and Brentwood trainers provide one-on-one sessions where you receive a customized fitness program that’s tailored to your personal preferences and lifestyle. We believe in using a realistic, fun and attainable approach to achieving results.



Round out your training by participating in the fun and unique group classes at an IRON fitness center. Sweat, push harder and take your fitness further!



Kick things up a notch by learning the basics of boxing, working on your technique or just knocking out an awesome workout with professional athletes as your guides.



When it comes to gyms and fitness studios, Santa Monica and Brentwood have many to choose from. IRON takes working out in an open gym to a whole new level, with the latest in a wide range of equipment that’s ready and waiting for you.


How We Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

If you have specific fitness goals, whether they’re related to boxing technique, weight loss, functional fitness or muscle development, we have the trainers, classes and equipment to get you there. At an IRON fitness studio, our goal is to provide you with the support you need to realize  your fitness dreams.