Stefon Armstead

  • IFA Personal Trainer
  • NSCA Strength & Conditioning
  • NASM Personal Trainer

Stef is a certified personal and performance trainer, athlete, and fitness enthusiast. He is passionate about helping people become healthier physically, and more importantly, MENTALLY.

He was born and raised in Detroit and was introduced to sports at the age of 6, where he began developing a passion for being an athlete. While playing a variety of sports, he realized his biggest passion was football, which led him to receiving a full athletic scholarship to Central Michigan University. After playing football for four years he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and continued to use his athletic background to stay fit. In doing so, he developed a great skill for helping others become motivated in pursuing a better quality of life. Impacting people to become more aware of healthier options and providing great resources and options is very rewarding for him in many ways. He prides himself and his actions on positive energy, a relentless mindset, and being true to yourself!

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